Our mission

Our vision is to change the food we are surrounded by to empower you to live a long disease free life! What we eat regularly has the power to act as preventative medicine but the food around us is wrong and it’s making us sick. We want to offer a genuine alternative to the ultra processed junk food that is so widely available, making it just as easy to eat well for our health. Ultimately, we envision a world where people will lead healthier and longer lives through the accessibility and availability of genuinely healthy food.

Our product

Our chefs prepare gourmet plant-based meals that are offered through a flexible subscription plan. Our meals aren’t just ‘healthy’ - they are scientifically designed to offer maximum health benefits whilst still being completely delicious. We utilise machine learning to analyse thousands of scientific research papers to understand which foods are most beneficial for long term health. Then, our team of chefs, doctors and nutrition experts use this information to swap ingredients to make our food both tasty and rich in nutrients.